Has anyone got any experience in relicensing a codebase from MIT to AGPL?

Ideally, an actually real case of it, with any of the complications or niggles that might arise.


@nicksellen Is MIT incompatible with AGPL?

Is there a sole contributor / copyright holder, or are there multiple contributors / copyright holders?

Does the sole copyright holder, if there is one, support or oppose this decision?

If MIT is fully compatible with AGPL (and I believe it is, as with the 2-clause BSD license), then there is no problem.

If there is a sole contributor or copyright holder, then that entity holds copyright and can change licensing terms for future releases without limit. (Existing releases will remain licenced according to their earlier terms, doctrine of laches, etc.)

If the sole copyright holder does not support this, the first question remains operative. AFAIU MIT is compatible with AGPL, in the sense that MIT code can be incorporated into or relicensed such that the conditions of both licenses are preserved.

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