Kolyma highway in Yakutia, also known as the Road of Bones, is on fire and temporarily shut

More than 2,000 people are deployed in extinguishing wildfires raging around Russia’s coldest inhabited territory, Yakutia, now in the third year of extremely intense season of wildfires.



After looking at the heat and subsequent fires in the Pacific Northwest, I looked through Nullschool’s Earth viewer for other areas under peril.

The Yakutia region of Siberia is under a staggering amount of wildfire. The fires seem to have been burning since May, though by both particulate and CO channels at Nullschool, have exploded in size and intensity in just the past 48 hours or so (that would be after the dateline of this article).

Several videos on the article show conditions on the ground.


A snapshot of current conditions as noted by Nullschool on two channels below.

Particulate channel, shows the location generally of smoke. I’ve selected the PM1 rather than PM2.5 channel as the latter is somewhat noisier, though it’s generally what’s used for smoke tracking. Both are fine particulate matter.


CO channel, where carbon monoxide is a much more specific indication of where there is current combustion. These signal regions themselves are immense. My eyeball estimate is that this is roughly the size of the state of Oregon.


(You can explore the NO~2~ an SO~2~sm channels as well which also indicate combustion.)

The region on Google Maps: google.com/maps/@61.9357692,13



Comparison with the 2020 North American Western fire season. That hit a peak in early/mid September. Here's the 11 Sept 2020 CO channel for the west coast, about the time San Francisco was sporting red "Blade Runner" skies:


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