The Usenet Oracle

(Boosts appreciated.)

@dredmorbius Are you generating geek codes for all of the fediverse, one question at a time? ;)

@anahata And in response, thus spake the Oracle:

Kids these days just don't get supplication, do they? I'll give you a pass this time.

In my day, we didn't need social media surveys to generate geek codes. We wrote our own geek code (en|de)coders in obfuscated Perl running on Trinux.

But those times have passed, and it's 140 characters and 8 radio-button responses at a time.

I suppose this is what they call "progress", eh?

You owe the Oracle restoration of to its rightful and true glory, and a lawn free of yutes.

@dredmorbius To my knowledge it's still in operation via a mailing list.

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