Dear : I'm trying to find the name / reference to a form of structured deliberative truth-finding.

It may be and is possibly related to

Otherwise I don't have any leads. Though @woozle may know what I'm thinking of, or of people who might.

Boosts appreciated.

NB: not the Delphi Method, though that's a good suggestion (as a DM).

More a resolution method than a prediction one.


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@dredmorbius @woozle
> deliberative truth-finding

isn't.. that just called science

@icedquinn In the original Greek sense of "science" as "knowledge" perhaps, but in the sense of strictly empirical knowledge of the physical world, no.

Think dispute resolutions and the like as well.


@tqft Close, and clearly related, but not the Habermas method I had in mind.



@dredmorbius @woozle I was kind of hoping the wiki rabbit hole would give you some different search options

@tqft That's where I'd started :smile_cat:

I'm pretty sure what I'm looking for is there ... somewhere. I'll do some more digging.


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