There is no result for "tank man"

Bing (and DuckDuckGo) Image Search fail to return the expected image.

HN discussion (itself flagged from the page, then restored):


Microsoft Bing raises concerns over lack of image results for Tiananmen 'tank man'

Microsoft Corp's Bing search engine showed no image results for the query "tank man" in the United States and elsewhere on Friday, users reported, raising concerns about possible censorship around the Tiananmen Square crackdown anniversary.

"Tank man" is often used to name an unidentified person famously pictured standing before tanks in China's Tiananmen Square during pro-democracy demonstrations in June 1989.

Microsoft said the issue was "due to an accidental human error and we are actively working to resolve this." ...

@vortex_egg Well at least it wasn't an intentional human error.

Or an accidental human correction.

@dredmorbius Or intentional human “correction.” That’s the one.

@dredmorbius DuckDuckGo is also censoring it, but it will return search results that Bing is censoring it.

@dredmorbius but google is returning results for tank man. If you add Tiananmen Square to tanks, you’ll get results on DuckDuckGo.

@londubh On both DDG and Bing, web search returns appropriate results, but image search is entirely nil for "tank man".

@dredmorbius yeah, I should have clarified zilch for image in DDG. But Google image search returns the image.

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