How do people discover IRC channels these days? Like, I was wondering if there are some about #android development, but the search engine misinterprets it as a request for IRC clients for Android.


@isagalaev I'd either:

  • Head to an IRC network and search its channels.
/query alis list <pattern>

... on or similar.

Or if you've got a specific project in mind, look to see if it advertises IRC channel(s) somewhere.

Android development's been a bit of a mess as far as I've seen. And I suspect by its topic you'd find more mobile-friendly chat platforms --- Slack or Discord, perhaps.

@dredmorbius oh I forgot about /query, thanks! I did /list on and got drowned :-)

And yes, I expect there will be more people doing that on newer platforms, but I get intimidated by too many people in the room :-)

@isagalaev @dredmorbius there's also this that lets you search channel names and topics across a bunch of networks:

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