If you shoot on film today (and especially if you're shooting black and white) what do you use?

I used to shoot mostly color reversal/slide film. I haven't done anything with film in something like 6 or 7 years.

I used to have a camera shop, I bought what the expert told me to buy.

I don't have a camera shop anymore, and now folks are going to expect me to be the expert.

Can you help me find some sane defaults?

@dredmorbius I get in to it in this thread: retro.social/@ajroach42/106174

we just got a developing kit, I have a dark room tech who learned in school, and who I teasingly call a professional, because that is totally the job they would have if it was still a job that people in our area could get (and, when we get the space's dark room going, I guess it is a job they will actually have.)


@ajroach42 Got it.

I'd look at:

  • Equipment, materials, and supplies which are available. Including repairs and replacements.
  • Reasonable prices. Film adds up fast, as do chemicals, printing paper, etc.
  • Reasonably bombproof. I'd focus on reliable process over quality, at least initially.

You'd probably be best off asking in photo-specific forums. I just checked, there's an /r/darkroom on Reddit. Sites like Flikr or Cake (a photo-heavy topical-blogging site) might also be good.

Your DR tech should also have valuable input, I'd listen to them.

@dredmorbius I'm sure they will, and I'm looking forward to giving them the opportunity.

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