Great web design tips every web developer should become familiar with:

@dredmorbius Actually #Cloudflare makes that website a disaster with CAPTCHAs that demand running non-free javascript.

@resist1984 Sigh. I think I knew that.

I don't run Tor much on this device, though it's been my mainstay on desktop for a couple of months. I do feel that pain.

(The amount of web shut off by Tor is ... large.)

Even goes all Cloudflare on Tor, so that alternative doesn't work....

(Wikipedia, Mastodon generally, and Diaspora generally, have no problems, which covers much of my use case.)

@dredmorbius still works, but it's unclear how long that will last since they announced some kind of partnership with #Cloudflare. Once CF has pawned 70%+ of the web, CF and will collectively have enough power to render Tor practically useless.

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