@dredmorbius @dredmorbius Okay, so two questions:
1) Do I need to strip out something to suppress an imposter?
2) How did Altair IV get involved in this convention? Is that an just an inside joke between friends, or is Doc a celebrity and I just liked him for himself?
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@icarus 1) Probably not. I have accounts on several services, generally listed in my profile(s). This includes both Mastodon and Joindiaspora profiles which are not mutually visible to each other, but which are mutually visible to Friendica (and possibly Hubzilla) users. dredmorbius at toot.cat (Mastodon) and dredmorbius at joindiaspora.com (Diaspora). There's a sockpuppet account a Diaspora troll made in my honour, though it should be dead.

2) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forbidde

Of course I'm a celebrity.

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