I'm happy that I'll be part of two meetings this month in front of the EU Commission talking about decentralized social networks and the work we've done socialhub.activitypub.rocks/t/

I believe this conversation is an important one to have, and I'd like to expand on why below.

@dredmorbius I haven't set up the cron job yet, but when I do it will run automatically. Currently I run the script by hand, then it checks for mentions and creates the chart(s).

So mostly ... yes.

I need to worry about running it while it's already processing previous mentions ... it's not re-entrant.

So I need to set a flag while running to inhibit a re-run, then it's ready to go.

@dredmorbius You can invoke it by replying to a toot you want charted, and mentioning the 'bot by name.

Would you like to test it? We can delete the toots and charts afterwards.

@ColinTheMathmo This collides with my other Mastodon frustration: lack of search.

(I'm going to see if I can't dig up a thread ... somewhere.)

@dredmorbius Search is an interesting question ... some people are very, very insistent that they don't want all their old toots searchable. But I'd like to be able to search *my* old toots, but then I'd be able to trace other people's contributions, even if they don't want them searchable.

There are vile people who dig up old posts and twist them, so the "right to be forgotten" is a real issue ... having everything searchable makes that hard.


@dredmorbius There are a lot of toots in that discussion ... this iteration is 146, then it need to see what toots they reference, etc.

This will be some time ... I have a delay to avoid triggered the surge detector.

CC: @SearchMe

@dredmorbius <grin>

Current estimate for this iteration is 11 minutes remaining.

Would you like to check out a "Gather" space I've created? We can have a quick video call. If so, you need to be on a laptop/desktop with FF or Chrome. If not, no bother.

@dredmorbius No problem.

Your chart is done ... hope it helps and is interesting. Your large number of toots that were actually a thread, but not reply-sequenced, really did stress the system and makes it hard to read.

I can "fix" that in this case, if that would be helpful ... I might look at trying to automate a fix.

Hmmm ...


@ColinTheMathmo The one-off fix is not necessary (I know enough GraphViz that I may play with that), though thanks for the offer.

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