Had a repair person come by our apartment today, and we mentioned we moved here from California.

They were confused why we moved here from CA, when this city had two feet of snow last year, and isn’t the weather so much nicer there?

We tried to explain just how much the West coast is on fire the past couple years.

I think that one day last year when the entire sky turned red like it was a movie depiction of being on Mars... broke me. And broke a lot of people.

In that climate change grief post-doom-mindset podcast they talked about the coming mass climate migrations within the US.

It’s already happening.

@dredmorbius Pennsylvania. There’s a pretty big swing of weather here over the year, but looking at various maps and data it seems like it ought to be buffered from many of the major climate inhabitability changes over the next 30-50 years.

They need to stop fracking though.

@vortex_egg East-coast coastal the things to watch for are sea-level rise (including along rivers), increased summer storms (including tropical), precipitation variability (much of Georgia and S. Carolina have been in persistent drought, with, yes, wildfires), troical/invasive insects, and more variable winter weather (including cold snaps / "polar vortices").

Still better than West Coast firestorms.

@dredmorbius For sure. Nowhere is going to be spared of some change or other, and no one really knows how its all going to shake out. Our hope is this place will run the middle instead of some of the possible extremes, but only time will tell.

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