Dear : Any guidelines on E-Ink / B&W/grayscale / low-refresh rate app design / UI/UX?

I've recently come into possession of an e-ink book reader, and am discovering the joys (seriously) and limitations (dittos) of e-ink displays and software designed for them.

I've just begun looking for any information concerning design guidance for e-ink devices, and am coming up very short. If you're aware of any such resources please respond to thread.

Boosts welcomed.

Reboost on my E-Ink / Electronic Paper app design / UI/UX guidelines request.

Very few responses. I'm coming to suspect this is an under-served field.

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@dredmorbius I'd love such a resource too!

I'm curious how I'd design a web browser for it! Currently I suspect the output constraints would yield a similar design as smart TVs' input constraints do...


@alcinnz In practice, there seem to be a few specifically-designed apps. For the most part, users are expected to install apps from either the vendor's (Onxy) curated store (a pretty good selection), Google Play, or F-Droid (which works wonderfully on the device).

Interestingly, Termux is among the better-performing native apps, and if you install the "Styles" app, includes a black-text-on-white-background e-ink style.

I've tried running the aalib demo 'bb' (over an SSH session, for some reason Termux has failed to package this... ) on the device. I would not recommend this. Though it gives an honest effort.

(Might even be manageable at one of the faster display modes.)

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