EFF: The Github youtube-dl Takedown Isn't Just a Problem of American Law

Tragically for Internet users everywhere, the RIAA was not citing DMCA Section 512, the usual takedown route, but DMCA Section 1201, the ban on breaking digital locks. And the failures of that part of American law that can allow a rightsholder to intimidate an American company into an act of global censorship are coded into more than just the U.S. legal system. ...

Since 1996, over 100 countries have signed onto the WIPO Copyright Treaty. The Treaty itself uses notably less harsh language in what it requires from its signatories than the DMCA. ...

EFF has a long-term plan to beat the anti-circumvention laws, wherever they are, which we call Apollo 1201. But we need help from a global movement to finally revoke this ongoing attack on the world's creators, innovators, and consumers.

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Ok, shit just got 1000x scarier now.

This hasn't got to do with music #copyright - that was just the cover.

The real battle is against general purpose computing, which is perfectly suited for software like #youtubedl that gives power to the user.

They want to take our freedom to use our computers.


@kzimmermann I suspect that the RIAA don't actually intend on destroying GP computing. It's just that they don't care about NOT destroying GP computing, and so if that's what happens when they pursue their copyrights and music royalties, whatever.

Which is how apathy (like ignorance) can be absolutely deadly.


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