The breadbaking experience continues.

I'm still learning things:

  • The secret to oven spring ... is in the oven & steam: disable convection features if present (the fan dissipates steam). My starter's been fine.
  • A few sprays of water to the inside of your cooking container lid also boosts steam.
  • More white flour == more spring. (I tend to go 50% white bread, 25% wheat, 20% spelt, 5% semolina, have done 100% white & 100% wheat).
  • My personal preference is WW/spelt mix for about 50% of flour. Slightly less spring, nonomnom texture!
  • Higher protein flours make a real dfifference (better IMO), though AP flour remains acceptable. I've even done 100% bleached white.
  • Starter is very forgiving of feeding schedules, to at least 1 week, though 1--2 refeed cycles might be necessary to bring it up to snuff. I do try for daily feeds.
  • Restoring from discard is an option.
  • Even proving is pretty forgiving: my current batch is seriously overproved (~14 hours, should have been ~6). A bit on the dense side, but not a brick. Great textue & flavour.
  • I may try a few shorter proves, for shins'n'grits.
  • Walnut bread is AMAZING!
  • 200-400 grams whole grains (farro, barley, groats, buckwheat, ...), soaked 4-24 hours, then strained ~30 min, also awesome (per 1000g flour)

@dredmorbius covid longhauler

(me too.. I'm going full rustic now, 100% whole wheat baked in a dutch oven on wood coals .. inside my cabin wood stove while warming it up in the morning)

@dredmorbius I recently took pictures of all my steps and still plan to do a photo blog post of my process.

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