What is your principle Fediverse stream?

How do you follow / use The Fediverse / Mastodon?

Boosts appreciated.


Comments on "What is your principle Fediverse stream?" poll.

1. Self-selected response polls are all but statistically useless. Don't take results (or analysis) as representative. Sample size has little to do with representative accuracy. (Random or stratified random sampling is much more accurate.)

That said this suggests some usage patterns.

2. I know fitting multiple options to a single choice sucks. My own usage fits the poll poorly too.

Speaking of my own usage ...


3. Poll results are all but completely unlike my own usage. I usually have 3-6 columns visible:

  • Compose/search
  • Notifications
  • 1-3 pinned lists
  • Maybe "Home"
  • The "Browse" (?) column

Obviously, I'm using the multi-pane view.

Public timelines are rarely visible.

Hashtags may occasionally be pinned.

From responses, 94% of you don't do anything like this, instead following Home, Local, or Federated timelines.


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I'm suspecting that most users:

  • Simply use the default layout.
  • Aren't aware columns can be aadded/removed, rearranged, or pinned.
  • Aren't aware that List and Hashtag colums can be pinned.
  • Aren't aware of Lists.
  • Have found Lists too cumbersome, possibly not discovering simpler management interfaces.

This suggessts usability, discoverability, and possibly evangelism or documentation opportunities.


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There are about 20 respondants who principally follow lists and maybe 10 who follow hastags. I'd like to know how and why these people came to use these options.

For the 94% following Home, Local, or Federated limelines: are you aware of the ability to redefine & rearrange streams?


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@dredmorbius You can't put multiple tags in a column, so it's fairly useless. I do open my bio tag block and click a tag sometimes to check what's happening, but they're all low-traffic.

If I want to follow people, I follow them, I don't need lists, and I'm not letting Fediverse get like Twitter where I had thousands of people in a firehose.

@mdhughes You can add additional hashtags to a colum from their context menu, once it's been pinned. Recently posted a screenshot over here: mastodon.infra.de/@galaxis/105

This seems to create a separate hashtag search for each one listed there, and combines the results and filtering clientside.

@dredmorbius See latest boost! It's working, but I don't know if I'll keep it.

@dredmorbius I've been aware of the rearrangement option for awhile, but dang me if I can remember how I discovered it or how to do it.

To repeat what I've probably said elsewhere, the most glaring oversight in Masto along these lines is the lack of anything like Groups (G+ Communities), where the content can be moderated separately from the instance's moderation, or even circles (lists serve the incoming function of circles, but not the outgoing -- which was never properly implemented in G+ anyway).

@woozle Column rearrangement / pinning is under the kebab menu ffor the column. For Notifications scroll all the way down.

For semi-groupish stuff, there's gup.pe though that excludes moderation. Any group can be spammed by anyone.

E.g., gup.pe/u/searchme

I could tag that user here, but would need to request follow-ups*not* tag the user as we'd be OT-spamming the group.

@dredmorbius gup.pe looks like proprietary software, which is too bad because it might make a good base from which to build a better UX.

That does look like the same thing! Excellent.

Too bad it's all in JavaScript. :-|


@dredmorbius @woozle @bhaugen
Guppe could and should have moderation and privacy options, I just haven't gotten to it yet. Currently rewriting the AP core code into a modular, tested library over at github.com/immers-space/activi, then will port Guppe over, and then it will be possible to add new features safely & easily.

Thank you for your work on this! I look forward to checking out your improvements.
@dredmorbius @bhaugen

@dredmorbius I didn’t vote because I split my time between my home view and multiple pinned hashtags, such as # nyc. They both have a lot of value for me.

@dredmorbius I've indeed given up on Lists as I found them too cumbersome to work with...
Circles were so much easier to manage...

@dredmorbius I'd use lists but they are not very useful. You need to follow people in order to add them to lists so their stuff inevitably appear on home timeline. If this wasn't the case or you could somehow mute them in home only I'd use lists for following a couple high volume bots separately.

IDK if it's my instance but hashtags are _very_ slow for me.

@cadadr Lists lagely seve as an alternative to the Home timeline. Though my lists are selective, effectively most actual activity is in lists already.

I use three, 'A', 'B', and 'C', as my primaries, classed by priority. A and B are almost always pinned.

@dredmorbius You mean multiple tags? It's all hashtag searches for me, even a single one. Tho maybe it's my instance.

@cadadr What I see (Glitch+Soc web client) on a hashtag search column is a toggle selector for "Include additional tags for this column".

On selecting that, additional fields appear:

  • "Any of these"
  • "All of these"
  • "None of these"

Effectively OR, AND, and NOT searches.

Also a "local only" toggle.

@dredmorbius I use the default multi-column view, but with a CSS userstyle which gives me 4 column Home stream (2nd "column") and search/user result (4th "column").

I have no use for adding extra columns, because I have no interest in scrolling a bunch of separate columns. That's disgustingly inefficient compared to a single Home with 4 columns with a single shared scroll.

The way Mastodon works, it's no wonder that no one sees any posts hardly ever. It's like looking through a straw.

@dredmorbius I actually have the Home and Notifications columns twice in my list of columns. The regular ones all the way to the left, and copied pinned ones to the far right for when I click on a toot and get scrolled all the way to the right.

@dredmorbius (go to mastodon.social/web/timelines/ (or /web/timelines/home on whatever your instance is), click the edit controls at the top, and pin the column. For Notifications that would be mastodon.social/web/notificati)

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