coronavirus, mh(-) 

@dredmorbius On a personal level, just feeling a bit low. Where I am, covid cases are rocketing. It seems likely this'll continue and probably worsen over winter. We're about to go in to a stricter lockdown next week. Can't see people, and separated from my family. Some other personal things. It's getting dark early, it's getting cold.

Bleh - it'll be OK, but it just hit me a bit today, winter is on the way, and winter 2020 feels like it'll be a bruiser.


re: coronavirus, mh(-) 

@neil Hugs.

Yeah, times are a bit of a pisser. Muddling through the best we can seems to be the best option possible.

There's a certain amount od personal agency we have, much that's beyond control. Good times involve much illusional agency.

Quote I appreciate more over time:

The Art of ship handling involves the effective use of forces under control to overcome the effect of forces not under control.

-- Charles H. Cotter

Be as gentle with and to yourself as you can be. Others too if possible.

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