I'm rubbish at finding people to follow. Things I'd like on my TL: plants, rewilding, solarpunk, wild camping/swimming/climbing, urban greenery, urban adventures, DIY, crafting, carpentry, cooking, brewing, makerspaces, yoga, sewing, very basic programming (like, raspberry Pi? IDK), queer homemaking

...that you can do from an urban apartment


@julia How to find / build content & communities of interest on Mastodon

  • Be the conversation you want to see on the .
  • Like attracts like. Build it and they ... may ... come.
  • your posts, and profile. This aids discovery. (Your post above with hashtags for each term would make a great pinned intro.)
  • Check your own hashtags for related content.
  • Hashtag streams can be pinned.
  • Make your hashtag posts public (not unlisted/followers only). (A Mastodon limitation is that unlisted hashtagged toots aren't listed in hashtag search. IMO an architecture bug.)
  • Boost discussions you'd like to see more of. Including replies to your own toots.
  • Engage on others' threads too.
  • The Fediverse remains fairly small. Interest in specialised areas is small. You may be able to generate a spark.
  • Follow judiciously. More follows == more distractions. Highly-interesting/alligned contacts are gold.
  • Lists are useful for prioritising large follower sets. I follow an A/B/C classification of best / good / medium interest.
  • Consider dropping / separately following highly-voluble posters.
  • Practice good mental hygiene. If a profile annoys/irritates, unfollow.
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