I really wish I could pin individual threads in Mastodon (or ) for when I'm following a (or several) interesting conversations.

@dredmorbius On mobile Subway Tooter can do that. Opens everything---profiles, threads, searches, accounts, ...---on its own tab, and does a great job at remembering the scroll position. Not only easily my fav fedi client, but one of the best mobile apps I ever used in general.

@dredmorbius I have a file into which I copy URLs, including the URLs of Mastodon conversations. Every now and again I run a script to open them all, or a selection via a filter. And there's always my script that downloads and charts the conversations.

Not everyone can work that way, but I find it a useful adjunct to what's possible via the regular interfaces.

@ColinTheMathmo If I had a proper desktop or laptop that would be an option.

Presently I'm stuck with a really shitty Android tablet, but I repeat myself.

@dredmorbius I was unaware that you were stuck with a tablet.

I rarely use a phone, and never use a tablet. Can you open the mastodon URLs in a browser? What if you had a note-taking app, copy the URLs, then tap on those to open them in succession?

Not ideal ... a long way from ideal ... perhaps you could host a private wiki somewhere and copy the links into those.

All non-deal work-arounds, I know.


@ColinTheMathmo Lack of a real keyboard is the main gripe. (That's the principle reason my typing here is so atrocious.) Any interaction is just a nightmare.

Even aside from that, and with a reasonably rich userland (Termux), the environment is immensely frustrating.

Android's (necessarily) paranoid app sandboxing makes any sort of on-device filesystem-based sharing tedious as well.

Then there's Termux's susceptibility to being randomly GC'd by Android, so that session state is precarious.

TL;DR: It's an irredeemable mess, beyond repair. But thanks.

@ColinTheMathmo The general notion of offline fle management of Web content ... seems generally increasingly attractive and necessary, though.

@dredmorbius Absolutely. Already you can't rely on useful content still being available when you want to return to it.

In the sense of subscribing to it? That would be great!


@RefurioAnachro Pinning, in the same sense as a List or hashtag or Notifications or other default Streams.

I often have 1-3 conversations I'm specifically folowing, but there's only one slot for these, and it's easy to lose track and/or place.

being able to receive follow-up replies to any posts in your main timeline does sound interesting too, though I also have a feeling it could get messy / information overloading quite quickly...

though I guess it could work in a separate Subscriptions feed, at least if you could easily opt-out of individual sub-threads.

or alternatively that threads would also have #rss / #atom feeds, like profiles already have.
That way you could just keep track of them in your preferred feed reader.
Perhaps not as convenient when replying to them, or needing a separate app, but might be handier when wanting to track topics over a longer period.

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