When I establish my Manufactory of Fine Psychocerametry, I shall seek out a fair plot of unimproved land. And hang upon it a shingle:

40 Acres and an Ass

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As previously, this thread will be a place where I post (and occasionally respond to) various issues.

Thinks like who I am, various policies / practices / interests. And in a moment, where things stand in migrations or lack thereof between various Mastodon instances.

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Some further profile migration :

I'm trying to rationalise settings between my various currently extant Mastodon profiles:

  • mastodon.cloud, my old primary
  • mastodon.social, a never-really-used secondary
  • and this, toot.cat, my new primary.

(There's another former instance on a now-dead server, keep reading.)

Things are slightly borked presently.

One convention I've followed is that ⭕​ typically indicates my active profile, ❌​ various inactive ones.


  1. Once you redirect a Mastodon profile, it's not possible to edit account settings further.
  2. To edit my mastodon.cloud profile, just to change one character in the account name, I had to un-redirect it.
  3. Redirections are only available once every 30 days. So that profile will remain w/o a redirection for another month.
  4. In the moments between clicking "edit profile" and "save changes", mastodon.cloud fell over again. so that profile is now in an undesired and indeterminate state.

Again, toot.cat is my new primary. mastodon.cloud is my old, deprecated profile. mastodon.social is another back-up account. And the since deceased mammouth.cafe was my original home on the Fediverse:

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@dredmorbius I had a good cackle at this. Thank goodness he wasn't using comic sans... 🤣

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