@austin_walker wow, hi, i just read some of your mentions on the bird site (curious about the response you were getting to recent stuff) and *i* feel terrible, idk how/why you decide to keep it up over there. i guess that's you though. hope the wp forums & places like here help remind that there are lots of people who want to genuinely engage. keep up the great work & take care

@drcat If I stopped keeping it up over there I would lose my career because without my audience, I'm a much less valuable asset.

@austin_walker you don't think people would stick around regardless? podcasts, twitch, the site? well, i suppose you have the numbers to know how much your twitter(s) drive traffic.

@drcat The people already sticking around would stick around, for sure, but no business is happy with a plateau. If WPR stopped growing, it would be considered a failure. And in 2018, social media is the de facto way of promoting growth

@drcat I think understanding that--that there Capitalism precludes the possibility of success being "stability" for all except the very largest businesses--is one of the things I most wish people understood about the way things are, because it is its face so fucked.


@austin_walker This is one of those things I "know", from both school and work, but when you put it that way, from inside the media business, it seems extra rough, since you are more or less forced to put yourself out there almost 100% of the time

@austin_walker I get that I'm not saying anything you don't already know. I guess maybe I should stop saying "wow why/how/what" and start saying it's really admirable that in that situation you continue to fight for good things you believe in. cheers.

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