@wilson @cadey iirc (from my Go-writing times) conceptually, context is supposed to be "an operation" -- something with a well-defined start/stop (it may spawn off sub-tasks, etc, but in the grand scheme of things it's a single overarching "thing" that you track from beginning to end).

Contrast that with a production service, which is a long-running listener that may spawn operations, but isn't a well-defined operation itself. It's a kinda different-but-related thing that wants an integration with contexts but isn't a context itself, and it often grows to want extra/different features (e.g. managing running requests with their own, standard timeouts, independent background loops which start & stop over the lifetime of the service, blocking until graceful shutdown, etc).

I guess a litmus test would be "could you conceivably put a timeout on it and not be unhappy".

Alternatively, would you conceptually model the thing as (in rust notation) fn thing(in: Inputs) -> Outputs or fn thing(in: Inputs) -> !. The former wants a context I think, the latter does not. 🤷‍♀️

@nova the longer post length is nice too. Makes it feel a bit closer to G+

@iliana script capital M? ℳ. Or if you're sticking with ascii have you used P yet?

@tindall yeah, PoE is awesome. When I had to mount my AP in a weird spot, PoE made the logistics waaaay easier.

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re: ableism,oss drama,sexism,misogyny 

I'm not surprised in retrospect at this (or at least, not much), just disappointed & angry.

This brought to you by the org who thought it was acceptable to have D&I training that included such nuggets as

  • men are messy, women are neat
  • men like sci-fi & video games, women hate sci-fi & video games
  • therefore it's a microaggression against women to have sci-fi stuff in the background or a messy desk on a video call.
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ableism,oss drama 

Perhaps, just maybe, "and in closing, this pile of ableism supports our reasoning" is not the slam dunk post-mortem ending you think it is.

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me, one year HRT: trans people are just people! pronouns, name changes — it’s not weird or difficult. just be respectful!

me, nine years HRT: my people know the true name of god and nothing you can threaten could ever destroy what we represent.

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There's a number of things that I like a lot about mastodon so far, but I feel like one of the biggest blockers is the UX around federation -- needing to re-input your handle every time you click through from someone's site to their mastodon is... frustrating.

I'm not sure how to solve it tho -- cross-domain cookies might've done it, but they're largely blocked now (rightly so). Some sort of "web identity API" supported by the browsers might work, but it'd be hard to make it not-spammy and also not-user-fingerprint-y 🤷‍♀️

Oh! I should probably have an here, since folks seem to be doing those, and it's kinda fun to see stuff like that again.

I'm Solly. I'm a queer trans geek. By day I'm a software engineer with a focus on dev tools & DX, by night I'm a programming language & abstract math nerd with a fondness for cooking, diving, RPGs ( both design conversations & playing ;-) ), nail art, board games (and bridge!), and playing waaaaay to much Destiny 2.

Feel free to say hi at some point any of those overlap with your interests 😄


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