It’d be extremely cool if nyc pride/sf pride/la pride did something about this YouTube situation but they won’t because of capitalism.

I’ve got trans girl female singer count me in


@digraph a fun thing is that I’m now more in touch with my emotions and I can cleanly separate “I want to cry” from “I am sad”

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Hormones be like: you’re going to want to cry all the time for no reason.

Sam died as she lived, waiting for a delayed flight to board, from exhaustion.

Knee high socks, and an a-line skirt is my aesthetic.

@aredridel I didn’t really have formal years in the 90s, but on this list I’d be The Spice Girls

I basically only wear 3 femme outfits. I have more, but the ones I wear most frequently I just love so much.

@ehashman my scrambled eggs recipe involves goats cheese and blueberry ghost pepper hot sauce.

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