@zkat @v0idifier this is relevant to my interests! Although probably not quite something I'd be super motivated to work on just yet.

toot.cat admin stuff 

@polymerwitch @wavebeem @ashkitten @woozle Also for context, I believe @ashkitten checked out of mod duties formally some months ago, but we just never got around the removing them from all the stuff

toot.cat admin stuff 

@woozle @ashkitten @wavebeem @polymerwitch 👍 please remove me! I haven't had capacity to help out for a while, and probably won't again in the near future

@bea this is like, a re-occuring thing for me isnt it? bla

I probably should have known this would happen when I got like 4 emails before 9am

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I woke up this morning thinking "if today isn't a normal work day, I'm going to have a breakdown"

and it wasnt

so here we are >_>

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I need a drug that suppresses my re-occurring urge to tear down my whole life and start over again. My life is doing pretty fine, actually


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my room is a messy disaster zone, and also a very accurate reflection of my physical state rn

I need to yell

What's a thing I can do instead of yelling, that will satisfy my desire to yell

as a general measure of how busy I am - in the last 24 hours I've transferred like $6k to / from 5 people

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