Me and @thetinkerfae worked on some suggested updates to the nudity / sex / kink content rules in the CoC for !

cc @ashkitten @wavebeem @polymerwitch

someone fixed the crappy shadowban after I made enough upset tweets and DMs

one of the more fun parts of writing these rules was writing them in such a way that sex workers have an easy time following them, but non-sex workers have to spend a bunch of time reading them, and really thinking about how they engage with nudity / kink / sex

this one in particular

> Posting nudity / imagery of sex / kink acts that is not of yourself needs to include attribution to the person(s) visible, in such a way that clearly expresses their consent to have that imagery posted

should be obvious to sex workers, in that the way to follow this rule is just to make sure to always (ask for consent, and) link your friends when you post their stuff

but non-sex workers, horny straight cis men in particular, have a VERY, VERY, VERY hard time with the idea that they can't just screencap someone's butt on pornhub and re-post it everywhere

this example is not specifically noted in the CoC because queer / trans people do this particular bad thing also, and like to adopt a "i'm gay so it's better" (its not better) while doing it

@cyrinsong wtf. algorithmic anti-sex discrimination

@cyrinsong I'm not able to access my GitHub account, but I like this proposal. Especially the part about nipples of any gender.

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