// @Wulf I totally understand this point of view!!!

but, IMO, is that the best way to solve this problem in a way that grows mastodon as a whole is by forcing Milan get his damn userbase together.

I think this b/c the admin backchannel has been fairly receptive to me echoing your concerns there, and has been discussing this issue nonstop all morning.

// @Wulf (continued)

We suspended Highland Arrow because their admin refused to discuss at all. It was clear with Highland Arrow that the admin totally endorsed the behavior of the problem user. This situation is the opposite, so we want to resolve it with something less heavy than a domain block.

@cyrinsong @wulf as recently as 30 min ago milan maintained no one on social.tchncs.de broke their rules.

@confusedcharlot @Wulf nobody broke local rules, we're trying to work out a distinction between local and federation rules though github.com/TootCat/mastodon/is

@Wulf @confusedcharlot that said, I'm watching the behavior in backchannel very closely, and a domain block is not yet off the table

@cyrinsong @Wulf @confusedcharlot *whispers* but he is the abuser so why is he not being treated as such anyway..?

@GinnyMcQueen @Wulf @confusedcharlot I'm starting to question this myself TBH.

What I can say right now is that this is a rapidly evolving situation that is currently moving towards toot.cat using a domain block

@cyrinsong @Wulf @confusedcharlot What a beautiful new way to set up a privilege structure - those with the means to run an instance can abuse whoever they want. 🍵

@GinnyMcQueen I honestly hadn't thought of it that way >_< I'll push for more enforcement on that admin specifically

(I'm avoiding mentioning their name over and over for the time being)

do you have any suggestions beyond the current thing, which is that at least 4 instances banned him

@cyrinsong Suspend or Silence?
I think it may be useful to make the distinction, and not use blanket term ban. Since it makes a difference for users on all sides.


@maloki I haven't figured out the difference yet, is there a short thing up that explains it somewhere?

@cyrinsong Silence is sandboxing, they can only talk to each other (who are sandboxed) and not interact with any of your users unless they are being followed.

Instead of blocking (suspend) the entire instance, this would mean that users who are following good people, can still follow them, and interact with them.

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