thinking about my life, and

the ability for money for provide happiness takes a real big nosedive after around $40k/year >_>

20k => 25k feels GREAT

80k => 90k feels kinda nice, I guess

@cyrinsong The trick at that point, imx, is to convince yourself to save as much of that other $40k as you can so you can afford to make $20k/year choices

@audrey I forgot that was a thing!!! I wanna try working towards that when my life is less........ messy

@cyrinsong coworker of mine who's a single mom with a brand new baby has said she's needed every dime for benefits and childcare, probably not your sitch tho

@cyrinsong oh wow.... $40k AUD/year is only just the poverty line (I think)

That sounds crap (but true of what I've heard)

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