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@cwebber so difficult!! private messages need their own inbox, basically, so they can be ignored. maybe ActivityPub needs to say that private messages are completely unspec'd or out-of-scope and that issue is closed with the notion it becomes an extension.

but yeah, this is an example where public is implied default and privacy gets stretched over it ambiguously. seems tough to get right.

@cwebber public is simply a bad default. and that is frustrated by specs that define public modes first and punt on private modes.

WoT is confusing to people... reputation systems are difficult to get right. But you can have multiple forms of privacy that I think people can understand. 1:1 private message, group private message, followers-only private post, and public broadcast.

@cwebber @ghost @davidsgallant @polymerwitch For precedent, I note that livejournal has some user settings like this. (and has for about 15 years, if memory serves. It appears I last updated my profile 9 years ago.)

It's interesting to me that federated search is one of the things that I've been told a lot that federated networks won't be useful without, but we're clearly seeing a lot of backlash here once it has appeared. Maybe opt-in to these things is the right approach, though you're still asking for voluntary complliance.

I wonder if public-by-default is also not what many people want (but since Twitter does it, that's assumed) and followers-only would be preferred?

I heard you, don't worry, I'll cut this for a while because I'm afk for a few days and that's the only thing I can do from here, I'll take time to read/answer/address your comments when I'm back!

Debating a bike ride. Pretty nice out, but feeling kinda drained. Maybe I'd feel less (or more) drained when biking.

US politics, US election 

> "I'm back to being a private citizen — and part of the resistance," Clinton said.

That's kinda an eye roller though.

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US politics, US election 

Clinton blames losing election mostly on last 10 days and the Comey letter (though takes some responsibility).

Clinton wouldn't have been my choice candidate, though I wish she won, and I do think the Comey letter threw the election myself.

mastodon admins communicate over a MUD, any instance disputes must be settled via using the in-game attack system, winner is declared superior administrator

Wow after a super productive, overworked yesterday and this morning I haven't gotten shit done this afternoon. (Probably related.)

"it appeals to all of my unproductive urges to just sit and squish the computer science between my fingers and enjoy the sound it makes" -- @aeva on SICP

Wow, apparently NextCloud beta is out with some ActivityPub support in it. I knew they were planning to do it but I didn't know it was happening already :O

(Speaking of terms, ignorance is unawareness... we often call people ignorant who are intentionally ignoring information, but that's incorrect. While everyone is "guilty" of both due to human imperfection, everyone is *especially* ignorant as in unaware until they become otherwise, by definition. But aiming to become more aware or not is a choice you can make...)

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My ignorance is probably showing by saying that, but full ack, I am ignorant about a lot of things (but trying).

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Me and @thetinkerfae worked on some suggested updates to the nudity / sex / kink content rules in the CoC for !

cc @ashkitten @wavebeem @polymerwitch

TIL of the term SWERF, which is like TERF but exclusionary against sex workers. (I knew of the behavior, but not the term.)

Also the group has def acknowledged the uptake in interest in activitypub across the fediverse in the last couple calls. I'm really excited to see it myself, obviously.

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