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We agreed to publish a new CR of ActivityPub today. Horray!

hellllooo friends! time for another announcement!

is a real thing now. it's an instance (not mine) where admins are gonna talk about admin shit.

if you're an admin join up!

if you're interested in what admins are up to i guess you can also join up or follow us or use a tool to read off the public feed or gosh i dunno, probably lots of options

this is a direct response to calls for greater insight/transparency into admin discussions. work is ongoing!

feel free to boost

Okay, great. I think I took care of all the critical ActivityPub issues that aren't something-to-discuss for tomorrow's meeting.

I'm super tired. Cya tomorrow fedicats!

I may have gone a bit strong with the cellular automata in the ActivityPub media upload example section

SICP jokes? CA jokes? Referencing org-mode as if it's a valid markup language???

Too bad, if I have to spend this much time editing a standard as volunteer time you're going to get the tired results of what Chris thinks is funny at 1:30AM.

We have nothing to lose but our blockchains

This has been another edition of Chris Webber whining into a textbox. I hope you enjoyed it.


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I am tired.

But I'm writing an example for the uploadMedia endpoint so I can get it in in time for the SocialWG meeting tomorrow. I have a few more issues to get through.

I'm not going to get through all of them but I think I'll get through enough for the meeting, the important normative ones for the Candidate Recommendation.

@cwebber That is good to hear!

I want users and admins alike to have the tools they need.

why am i editing grub.cfg by hand i never asked for this

@cwebber "When you stare into the computer, the computer stares back into you"
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