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politics, budget 

@cwebber I was relieved reading that too. However, this is just the proposed deal and it still has to actually be approved. I'm worried they are going to try and sneak in a shitty Obamacare bill under the reconciliation rules.

"Can I get all the rest of ActivityPub's issues closed or good enough for the call tomorrow by the end of today?" I asked myself.

"Haha, sure, no problem boss!" I replied, a bead of sweat forming on my brow

politics, budget 

Definitely not what I'd call an "ideal budget" but I was dreading seeing what the bipartisan budget was going to look like, especially fearing a lot of program slashes. A lot better than I expected:

Of course the military gets a big spending boost which sucks, but I was fearing a lot worse.

Hey everyone! So the first call of the Social Web Incubator Community Group is at 4PM GMT this Friday, May 5th. I hope you can make it!

This will be a somewhat loose call, going over topics of the group and the state of things.

Call details posted on the blogpost. Quick link to find call time in your timezone:

Anyone got a sec to test the Mumble setup for the Social Web Incubator Community Group Stuff?

Connect on Mumble to / port 64738 / password “goblincamp”. Join the Social Web Incubator Community Group channel. I'll be in there for the next hour.

@cwebber Assuming the remote server has a new enough version, magit will work over tramp too

I pulled my fan out of the closet and thought to my self "it's pretty dusty, I should find something to blow the dust off"

Toot.cats! We have updated to v1.3.2!

We have moved the boops and other catspeak to it's own language file to help with confusion. Just go to settings and change your language to English (catspeak)

ActivityPub test suite is *not ready* (don't use it!), but I have it deployed to a server at least.

The bigger news is I got a Guile web application using http + websockets running behind an nginx reverse proxy successfully deployed to a server on DigitalOcean using GuixSD. Progress!

@chrismartin In my weather-based language, I'd make it switch from dynamically typed in the careless summer to statically typed in the serious winter. As the spring comes, the compiler would let more and more untyped variables slip by.

The compiler could even connect to and demand more types when it's raining.

Types are umbrellas!

Right, let's post some pretty things. Here's something huge and insane that I'm working on. It's on A3-size paper. 12 hours in so far. I work on it in small bursts here and there because it's so crazy detailed.

#mastoart #creativetoots

The proportion of meta-federation communication is also guaranteed to be higher between multiple implementations of the same federation protocol.

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