Hm, if is going whitelist-only, I think that's fine for, but maybe not fine for me. Maybe I should move.

Any node recommendations I might consider?

@cwebber icosahedron seems to have a pretty decent thing going

@maiyannah @cwebber if it's for development and trying stuff, I'll gladly open regs for a moment

@cwebber One of the various GNUSocial instances would be nice :) is good, I use it without issue and chose it because of Germany's relatively aggressive privacy laws. To my knowledge it's not blacklisted by any other instances I know of.

@arunisaac Plan to run my own server of something something ActivityPub, but I'm waiting till I redo my server hosting setup (which is on the agenda, but getting ActivityPub spec out the door comes first, including the test suite and spec work and...)

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