ActivityPub test suite is *not ready* (don't use it!), but I have it deployed to a server at least.

The bigger news is I got a Guile web application using http + websockets running behind an nginx reverse proxy successfully deployed to a server on DigitalOcean using GuixSD. Progress!

@cwebber nice! I've been interested in guile but documents for guile-lib always seemed lacking. Do you know a better place for docs? I started with chicken scheme for this reason

@csaurus Guile's Reference manual is very good (best read in info in emacs) as a *reference*. It's not a good tutorial sadly. That said, I have it open constantly and am always looking up new and interesting things and playing with them.

Guile + Geiser + Emacs is the ultimate setup.

We need better docs though.

@cwebber oh I know and wouldn't want a tutorial. I just know guile-lib documentation seemed hard to follow or incomplete last I checked and wasn't sure if that changed.
Also, I think you forgot Paredit 😁

@csaurus I use smartparens because it's like paredit but a little bit more loose :)

@cwebber I'll have to look into that one. Right now I mostly write Elisp and paredit works reasonably well without conflicting with Evil mode

@csaurus Also I don't have much to do with guile-lib, but that's just one library, though kind of a meta-library. Hang out in on freenode if you use irc.. I'm paroneayea there, say hello! :)

@cwebber will do, tit did seem like that which might be why I found it confusing
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