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I got my braces, they are good but I ordered a size too small and will have to have them exchanged and the people from the shop are going to hate me because I make them extra work

But I also got my groceries which is nice because I get to eat something

Except if the braces don't fit, AND I don't get my food, AND no apartment, then I will be sad

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Tomorrow I'll get my new wrist braces, I really hope they fit & I don't have to send them back.

And maybe I also get my groceries.

And tiny-maybe I get an apartment.

So. Tomorrow will be good, either way!

Today is not so good. I'm in extra pain so I can't move at all, can't concentrate so no reading, my desk is a construction site so I can't computer, can't finish the desk because can't move, in short, I'm bored out of my mind

this decluttering phase before a move is really something i should do more often, even without planning to move lol

thiiiiings happeniiing in my liiiife


I'm so tired I want to sleep but I need to eat first and I'm in too much pain to make food and also there's wasps and please just kill me

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Just finished some #bisexual flag handwarmers, and there's some #asexual flag and #nonbinary flag ones available too, among many others. :)

All £12 plus P&P from the UK - PayPal (worldwide) or bank transfer (UK only).

Also, allergy note: they're 75% wool, and I have a cat! (I don't smoke though.)

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instead of calling them emoji or emoticons just straight up call them "emotions"

thinking emotion
neutral face emotion
sunglasses emotion
cowboy emotion
levitate emotion
corn emotion

I'm in so much pain today it's not fair 😔

you know how you sometimes write like 2 pages within half an hour and then other times half a page takes you all day

When you kinda want to fight but it's kinda way too hot to move

Then you do it like those cats, flop down on the floor close to each other and threateningly wave a paw

We have finally rotated away from the giant fireball of death and of course NOW there's a cloud cover trapping all this godawful heat in the power atmosphere instead of allowing it to radiate into space and i die a slow and painful death


Good thing I just bought potato and also margarine. Guess what I'll be eating today!

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I !!! WANT !!! FAT !!! WITH !!! POTATO !!!

apartment hunting 

i have no apartment yet. why do things always take time!

jokes about my taste in music are not permitted

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