When you kinda want to fight but it's kinda way too hot to move

Then you do it like those cats, flop down on the floor close to each other and threateningly wave a paw


But my cat Max really knows how to exploit my misery to get the maximum amount of cuddles.

Here's some photos of Max wrapped around my head, sticking out his tongue as I'm petting him & him snuggled up close to me toot.cat/media/fa0nxVIE2dWVahS toot.cat/media/Fs2CV4fRYE_CUoi toot.cat/media/DXSHlJjZkljW88e toot.cat/media/xIivC1jjz-Fg37p

In this house

he purr

Photo of a cardboard box, turned on its side, in which a ginger cat is lying and looking upwards at the camera. On the box there's a hands drawn sign that says ❤️ Max ❤️ 🐱

Max, the most cuddly cat ever, sitting on my footrest next to my pasty legs.


Cat thermometer: It's waaaaaay too hoooot

Both cats are lying on their sides sprawled out, not moving a single muscle

toot.cat/media/ZkpkJlNm1Sz4xfy toot.cat/media/XKkUR5g7aySB9Qv

This is what my mornings look like .

In the photo you can see Max, a red European shorthair cat, as he is lying on my chest, from my perspective. His eyes are closed as he is happily sticking his claws into my breast and purring.


toot.cat/media/a_cxw9xGZcbdu1y toot.cat/media/-7eMfIAIRbak9Fb

Cat thermometer: Yup, it's warm.

Both of the fat orange predators are stretched out on the floor, being loooooong. Max is resting his chin on his front paws, Minka is displaying her enormous round belly.

My ginger tabby cat called Max sitting on my belly looking at me like: why aren't you petting me?

Yes, I will resume now.



So here's a photo of Max, the ginger cat, curled up and sleeping on the bed, while I'm smiling at the camera from the background.

1 exhausted cat. These 15 minutes in the bush before the house really took it out of her. And the dog!! That BARKED at her!! Must have been quite the show for the person with the dog, like doggo makes 1 excited bark, and from a bush emerge 1 very fast very flat orange bolt of lightning and behind it on a leash runs an exhausted cripple toot.cat/media/a42NjP81gjlwZIA


So this is me, a light skinned person with short green hair, sitting in front of a messy desk with Max, the fat ginger cat, on my lap. He is looking really ridiculous in this picture, pressing against me because CUDDLES! LOVE!


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