you know what i'm gonna do i'm gonna sit in the shower. no scrubbing or anything just sit under a stream of hot water

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i haven't even taken my morning meds yet i'm so wired

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i'm so proud of me i'm out of bed for like 20 minutes and already called doctors and made an appointment for TOMORROW

i didn't think i was physically capable of this

but apparently getting off The Meds made me able to do it again

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holy shit i just did a half hour physio session, now all my muscles are shaky and very very happy

hello mastodon i am considering getting more active here again

I make stimy bracelets and handheld stimies.

Here's a document where you can see which are currently for sale,

examples for ones that I've made,

and how to order a custom stimy.

my cat has pinkeye and i am worried because i don't know how i'm supposed to make it to the vet tomorrow without dying 30 different kinds of death

things that have happened in the meantime: a whole lot of incredibly stressful nothings. lots of applications and appeals and nonsense, for wheelchair, home care assistance, apartments, and other things, getting nowhere.

some medical appointments with no results.

oh and i also sliced my thumb with the bread slicing machine which is going to make a real pretty and itchy scar.

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ugh. i guess i'm back for now. been avoiding this page because it's so frustrating, few interactions, little support, it's not really a lot of fun

I can touch the floor, at least in the bathroom, with bare feet again, can you imagine

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So today I got my first visit by 2 (!!) personal care assistants who came to clean in my apartment

I felt incredibly awkward and it was very stressful and I cried a little because People and Noise and Things and Smells and They Do Things Differently

I threw away all the brushes and sponges they used because I'm very particular about what they're allowed to touch

But it feels so good to be here now. Cleanliness is so important for me for my quality of life

Do you want to read a book that has

- a trans woman
- not one, but TWO nonbinary characters
- SEVERAL disabled people
- excellent writing
- a captivating and surprising story

Then read CHAMELEON MOON by RoAnna Sylver!

Here's my full review:

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As an employee:

1. Work as slow as possible
2. Never exceed your duty
3. Never engage with the upper management
4. Disregard calls for work/papers/ideas
5. Never volunteer in company activities

#AntiCapitalism #DailyResistance

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If you want to understand why is different from other encrypted messenger like Threema and Signal, have a look at this article from Ella Saita aka dymaxion on the birdsite:

In a desperate attempt to flee from The Terrible Ear Drops, our feline hero jumped off a cliff to what she thought was safety -

Little did she know that just beneath, there lay a beast in deep slumber!

And with the gentle touch of her paws she awakened...

... her oldest enemy, the eater of everything that is good and crunchy - The Dreadful Vacuum Monster!

I'm so happy.
This morning i had a bit of a down with despairing over my current situation but now I'm all hopes and ideas!!
I'll be getting a small electric scooter which will probably make it a lot easier to move around in my apartment, and I've also realised that I CAN get an apartment with 1 flight of stairs, I just need to get a cheap 2nd wheelchair for inside then! And having the scooter will also help.
So! Things are good!

They already replied to my email. Apparently they are not angry so that's good.

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