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if you haven't played 2064: Read Only Memories, it's free only today and I highly recommend it

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Domains with the ".com" TLD are suspicious and should not be trusted

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Don't celebrate getting to put an X on your Government ID.

Lets not cheer for false victories. There is no reason a "gender marker" should be there at all.

Not. A. One.

@brainblasted chose Resemble but Fresnel is a close second

my thought process is that Fresnel may be better suited for touching up or taking images than viewing them

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Consent is a vital, central aspect of anti authoritarianism

big (ish) tech purchases, and hating big tech 

a few years ago I genuinely said that I think that 16 GiB of RAM is adequate for all cases and that 32 is excessive outside of niche cases, and I still stand by that

which is why I feel so bad purchasing another pair of 8 GiB DIMMs so that I can have 32 GiB in total

like genuinely I don't think that my computer will be properly utilising all 32 GiB, but because everyone has decided that memory management is optional since everyone has so much RAM "these days," I'm forced to add more so that I can have multiple Electron apps open at the same time.


it's even worse that integrated GPUs are still shittily designed to reserve a fixed chunk of main RAM at all times, instead of increasing their reserve when it's needed. so, effectively I only had 12 GiB before because Intel decided I didn't need any RAM anyway

self care ish, disability 

I think I've gotten to the point where my energy levels are mostly stable, but my muscles are super weak due to just... not having enough energy to really use them, most of the time

so I'm gonna try and actually maybe exercise more and actually build up the endurance to do more everyday stuff like actually cleaning up my apartment for real

capitalism bad 

nothing reminds you of the crushing weight of inflation than finding places that were closed last year reopen with literally all the prices 20% higher

I would say I hope it means employees are getting paid more but realistically that's not why

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For children of anti-vax parents in the UK:

You can consent for your own medical treatments after the age of 16. If you're under 16 you can give consent for yourself without your parents' permission if the person providing it thinks you have "enough intelligence, competence and understanding to fully appreciate what's involved in [your] treatment".

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If you're a teenager in the US and your parents are refusing to provide consent to get you vaccinated, there's a website that's designed to help you figure out if and how you can get around your parents, as well as what vaccinations you should get if you haven't had any:

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seems like a lot of blogs are just

not offering RSS/Atom feeds any more

I still use those… :|

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death of a public figure, systemic discrimination 

Kinda fucked up that the WaPo podcast is talking about "why don't we hear more about cases of bipoc and trans murder victims in the news when we hear so much about Gabby Petito"

like??? y'all are the news???

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"everyone can just be a man" is not the galaxy-brain destroying the gender binary idea people think it is.

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every once in a while people suggest the best thing to do is get rid of female coded words and just go with male coded words.

"lets get rid of actress, and everyone can an actor."

why dont we get rid of actor and everyone can be an actress? oh because that makes a lot of people uncomfortable? funny that.

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DIY stuff I guess 

is there an easy way to filter drinking water that doesn't rely on an expensive plastic proprietary filter system

like can I just put a bunch of activated charcoal and/or ion exchange resin in a tube and pour water through it or

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