landlord bad 

"just replace the bulb, it's fine"


oh my god. I did it

(minor gameplay spoilers)

horrible web form 

thanks I hate it

(brought to you by Western Digital RMA form)


I feel so bad for missing checkmate here. I did Re1 instead of Rd2. (I'm playing black)

basically, I moved the top-right rook to protect the other rook instead of noticing that I could just move said rook next to the king, since it would be protected by the knight, which was protected by a pawn.

selfie, eye contact 

I haven't worn a scarf in a while

kitchen chemistry 

finally properly cleaning out coffee grinder, first pass is with boiling water and baking soda

Dyson Sphere Program 

this game is beautiful

hyrule warriors: age of calamity; no spoilers, grievance list of game and Nintendo in general 

it's really a testament to just how fun this game is considering how its engine is absolutely garbage and yet I love it a lot.

here's a non-exhaustive list of the bullshit this game offers:

  1. absolutely no advanced 3-D collisions at all (you are met with infinitely tall invisible walls next to tiny ledges) in a game that's meant to be a prequel to a game known for letting you climb on literally everything
  2. horrendous lag in a game that already substantially reduces the number of graphics features from its predecessor, runs at 30 FPS, and occasionally reduces its resolution to 240p in order to avoid framerate reductions
  3. locking onto enemies has been changed from what it's been in literally every game since it's created, from the guard button/left trigger to pressing the right control stick, and instead of locking onto the enemy you're facing, you have to move left and right on the stick to cycle between enemies
  4. the lock-on camera discards decades of design and understanding on 3-D cameras and instead forces a view behind the player within the bounds of the map, leading to absolutely frustrating cameras that zoom into enemies' noses when you approach a wall
  5. the lock-on camera also bugs out horribly during certain character moves that I won't spoil since they're later in the game, but sufficed to say, it will be impossible to tell what's going on during said moves or where your character is.
  6. every single screen capture taken natively through the OS has an obnoxiously large watermark saying (dramatic recreation) "© me, I made this game, all rights reserved" that blocks subtitles and is absolutely worthless from a company who spends millions of dollars filing claims on fans anyway

and like. this is honestly one of the reasons why "show them they need to improve by not buying their games" means literally nothing because people will buy their games anyway and Nintendo is probably the one company in the games industry that's the most stubborn when it comes to taking in feedback for their games. this game was one of the most highest selling in 2020.

they're just gonna pull shit no matter what you do and every game they make ends up being ridiculously fun but also having glaring problems that piss you off just enough to consider why you're still playing their games.

p.s. I tried using the awful wifi direct tool for getting this video from my phone and it took forever because Nintendo only makes good hardware that works in a frictionless vacuum, and cannot interface with any standards ever in a way that's not garbage

baba is you level editor 

was trying to figure out a cool setup for a level that I'll be using in a level pack, and it ended up being way too jank. so, here it is:

Wet Pants

baba is you level editor 

on Twitter I posted a meme level I made trying to get the hang of the level editor, which I would rate as intermediate difficulty. you will understand why I call it a meme level if you play it. making the level also inspired me to make a level pack, posted which I have detailed in another post

if you're interested, the level is called Sad Baba and its code is FRNA-NI41

baba is you level editor 

baba is you has finally opened up the beta of its level editor. it's a bit jank to make levels, but the levels you make are fully-featured and even contain some new words!

so, naturally, I've decided to start making a level pack about baba meeting their true love.

shaming cheaply made kitchenware while doing a science 

(note: contains speculation on a few things, so don't be surprised if I get what actually happened to my pan wrong. the rest of the info is pretty accurate though)

constantly tired of cookware being made "cheaply" in a way that results in them ultimately becoming useless and requiring recycling (or more often, throwing out). thankfully, metal recycling is a lot more straightforward than plastic recycling, but it's still a mess.

most stove cookware is coated in PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) which is not suitable for oven use since it begins to vapourise at around 250 °C (482 °F). this actually makes it also not suitable for stovetop use but 🤷 they do it anyway.

so instead, manufacturers are forced (to make good products) and instead use resistant metals like aluminium and stainless steel to ensure that oven pans don't stick.

this pan, which came with my air fryer (designed to slide in as a shelf) seems to be made so poorly that it's not even solid steel, but low-quality iron coated in a very, very thin layer of aluminium.

now, it's common for cookware to only be coated in a resistant metal, not fully made of it, but this seems to have coated it so poorly that the protective layer just flakes off, revealing the rust-susceptible metal beneath.

all metals will oxidise, but not all oxides are made equal. the red "rust" that we know is the most common form of oxide that will form when pure iron is left exposed, but there's also magnetite, a stronger iron oxide that is also a naturally forming mineral. black iron materials are coated in a layer of magnetite that prevents the iron underneath from being exposed to oxygen and forming rust.

the process of creating this layer is called "bluing" (because magnetite is a tiny bit blue, I guess) and it's the standard way most tools are made rust-resistant. this still isn't ideal if the metal gets wet or scratched, though, since it's just a layer. even cast iron is an alloy and not pure iron, since it's best to have a material that's rust-resistant all the way through.

but I guess that what this company did was take blued iron and coat it in a very thin layer of aluminium. presumably since the bluing process isn't perfectly even it resulted in the aluminium layer being uneven as well, cascading into making an uneven surface that leaves lots of places for food to attach. if they sand down the layer to make it smooth, they run the risk of penetrating the layer, so either way it seems doomed from the start.

I guess I should probably add that this is all speculation on my part, but, that's what seems to have happened here. the magnetite washed off onto the pan when I soaked it (leaving it coated in a thin layer of dust blobs) and then the exposed iron rusted.

robotic eye contact 

further progress: trying to figure out how to texture this, and decided on just going with regular colours + bump mapping. still needs tweaking.

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robotic eye contact 

have since messed around more with this model, and now the robot's wheels have treads!

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robotic eye contact 

something I've been working on in

was originally going to give this robot a body, and then decided to just add wheels to the head and liked it better

columbus day, the good place 

shared from Twitter

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