I finally decided to start a series I've been meaning to start: running a multi-purpose server. Basically, going over the collection of stuff I've learned over the years, and what I've done more recently, so you can set up a multi-purpose server for yourself or your community.

Feel free to bug me if you have any suggestions for what to talk about!

The full introduction can be found here:

@clarfonthey oooh, this looks delightful! this goes right in the to-read queue! thank you!

@gekitsu this is just an introduction to the series, so, I'm open to suggestions on things people are looking to learn about. so, once you've taken a look, please let me know if you have any!

@clarfonthey ok, finally came round to reading it! i think the outline you got sounds like i’ll get a loooooot of the knowledge i’ve wanted to acquire out of this, no matter what specifically you end up tackling. what interests me is pretty much ‘how to classic server stuff at home/small community scale, for someone who has never done this before.’

so what you outlined looks *perfect*.

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