I finally published this post I worked on a week or so ago: "Falshoods Programmers Believe About 'Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Names' "

Preface: If you haven’t read the excellent essay Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Names by Patrick McKenzie, or haven’t read it recently, I strongly suggest that you do so before reading this article. This article will brutally undermine the original’s efficiency by overanalysing its points, and in my opinion, it’s good to have your own thoughts about it before you hear mine.

@clarfonthey oh no this introduces the idea of a "gamer-scientist" and my brain won't let go

@faho I mean, he is literally both a biologist and a streamer, so :p

@clarfonthey Exists and is apparently not a small streamer.

Huh, shows what I know.

@clarfonthey I recall reading a blogpost from where Xe argued you should accept whatever name people tell you & allow changing it whenever they want, relating this Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Names to xe's own identity. Probably a good compromise anywhere where you do actually need names.

Seems that blogpost has been taken offline now...

@clarfonthey well said!

The point of Falsehoods isn’t that we can’t possibly cover every case in every system, and that it’s okay. The point is that although not every system that requires storing names acknowledges every falsehood, there will be some system which believes a falsehood and shouldn’t. And most of these are easy enough to fix that you should just do them anyway.

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