stolen from Twitter: which HTTP 400-level code describes your sex life?

original post:

@clarfonthey tbh for me its a 500-level code instead, being ace and all


What so if I click the boxes it will steal my identity and sell it?

Polyamorous, but I'm relationship anarchy and my husband is closed polyam. We'd both like other relationships, but not under conditions (that the other would accept). 😅

@clarfonthey which option is “needs more snuggles”

(I voted 417 and 428 fwiw)

@clarfonthey I won’t be able to look at http status codes the same way ever again

@clarfonthey the number of teapots hints the (even higher) number of teabagging

It depends... it's mostly a 50x error...
502 - Bad Gateway
503 - Service Unavailable (if ace phase)
504 - Gateway Timeout (unclear / wrong answer)
509 - Bandwidth Limit Exceeded (no spoons left)

@clarfonthey there's a license plate in my neighbourhood called HH404H. And I always read that as: Muhahaha, page not found.

@clarfonthey I think I need the 500-level series to describe mine because my sex drive is itself faulty

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