ordering food 

while it is 100% a privilege to be able to order food

it's often not until I order food from a vegan restaurant that I realise how much of a privilege it is to be able to eat food without the apprehension of, how sick will this make me

although I'm not strictly vegan I know that basically any dairy or residual meat grease or whatever will potentially make me sick or just in general feel bad, whereas with vegan food made at a place that exclusively makes vegan food will 100% never do this to me

and I often forget how most people can just eat food they like cheaper and easier without any fear of like, will this make me feel horrible the next day

re: ordering food 

like sometimes I forget that meat eaters have so many options for premade food that they can just warm up and eat

whereas I'm like, best I can do is make oatmeal lol

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