@christianbundy I have a second-hand "Silhouette Cameo" vinyl cutter which has a pen plotter attachment.

I don't recommend it. The pen only moves in X and the paper moves in Y using rollers, but the paper always slips or gets crunched.

it's the time of day in "swatch time". there's no date in it. so 24 hours ahead looks the same. (gwil is into swatch time) en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swatch

That's probably because you have to sync the workspace to save the message. it's not locally stored in the browser yet so reloading just drops it. Give that a try?

yep it's Earthstar! though it's hardcoded to a single pub at the moment. I'm making a second app to view the same data in a different layout, with swappable pubs and workspaces

Earthstar Lobby is a nice calm place. I want to evolve it in a Livejournal direction. @gwil made this UI for it: earthstar-lobby.vercel.app/

I'd love feedback on those slides! Please let me know if anything is confusing

I think is finally gelling enough that I can describe it clearly:

"A protocol for user-friendly distributed apps"

Intro slides with pictures: github.com/earthstar-project/e

Technical details and comparison with SSB: github.com/earthstar-project/e

On writing code that will last for decades:

"In that sense, the sunsetting of Python 2.7 at the start of this year represents an opportunity for scientists, Rougier and Hinsen note. Python 2.7 puts “at our disposal an advanced programming language that is guaranteed not to evolve anymore”, Rougier writes."


@soapdog Nice! 🎉

I sense there's skepticism about markdown as a doc language for the New Minimal Web but I don't know the context. What are your thoughts?

@rachel@cybre.space I still feel a hole where the Tumblr queer community used to be. Ever since then I've been methodically backing up online content but that just mitigates the tragedy, it doesn't bring communities back to life.

This is the main reason I've been helping with Scuttlebutt which is hopefully immune from this problem since it's community-run and not reliant on corporate infrastructure. We're looking for people to give us advice on things like this, how blocking should work, privacy needs, etc. Please reach out if you'd like to talk or offer advice!

I'm glad Mastodon is well-known enough now that people can move here when similar shutdowns happen. Hopefully Scuttlebutt will become useful enough too, soon.

I'm helping on Scuttlebutt (a p2p social network) and we're looking for feedback and advice like: what are your privacy needs? How would you like blocking to work?

If you'd like to help with a survey or phone/video chat, please let me know by DM or at

This is an anti-commercial open source project. We want to make something accessible that meets the needs of people who have been harassed online and want a safer space to hang out with friends, and don't want to be dependent on Twitter/Facebook.



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