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oh yeh, seems like there something going around that makes it timely to remind folks, especially you peeps

I'm, like, weird and intense because my host, @kara, is 44. so just, ya know, keep that in mind if you're wondering if you wanna talk to me or not

2009: Young people use Twitter. Old people complain about how this terrible "Twitter" thing is ruining society.

2019: Old people use Twitter. Young people complain about how this terrible "Twitter" thing is ruining society.

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Literally do whatever the fuck you want just be kind to people if they’re not mean to you,,,,,,, time is messed up existence is fleeting being happy is nice and helping others feels good

@chara *sighs* yeah. Kaylin will accept a "good faith effort" to play the Genocide run, but I honestly am doubtful I am even _capable_ of finishing

also I am trying to decide on the best symbolic approach. maybe I should start on Fat Tuesday instead?

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I know I'm kinda the odd one out of the kinnies, never really part of the club, but I love all of you so much


*digs chocolate out from under a table and munches*

what's up

i believe in the smallest of governments. the very puniest. the miniscule. the microscopic. i believe in: the nanometer state. next election, remember: vote atomic!

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if the military actually did anything that people respected conservatives wouldnt have to yell about how important it is to respect them all the time

Creationist claiming life had to be put on Earth specifically because the chances of a protein forming on its own is very small.

There is something called chemical evolution, natural chemical reaction cycles, precursors to metabolic pathways which have a cycle, will over time amplify and become varied, besides protein isn't likely to have existed in the first life forms, which probably entirely RNA based, RNA can not only store information but also catalyse reactions much like proteinacious enzymes, RNA enzymes are called Rybozymes.

you suppose I ever _will_ get to nuzzle Azzy's nose? ever?


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