maybe I can host Ankh

he's always looking for someone else to latch onto

I think @chara is seriously thinking of going over to some kind of "Chara Aznable" look, haha. I can tell.

who's better than one Undyne? why, lots of Undynes, of course

(traced this back to a Reddit thread started by a user whose account is deleted so rip)

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i made a couple new color schemes for :transistor: — the SVGs are available :cc_cc::cc_by::cc_sa:​ at

Literally saw a politician say climate change isn't a threat, and cited the fact that Venus continuing to exist is proof

Oh my god

Why don't we put politicians on Venus

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Allllllright!!!! I'm posting the discord server here!!!!

For Undertale/Deltarune kinnies or folks who just love the games!!!

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tell you what I really want, I want something that's like HyperCard except that it's also a social medium. like, create "rooms" in the form of cards, link them to other rooms

HyperCard, probably the one good thing that Apple did really. Apple's sins destroyed computing but they did manage to produce this one small unloved thing that gave us some indication of how computing should really be, blurring completely the lines between "programmer" and "user", between "code" and "application"

undyne is so easy to prank because she's never Once considered that someone could be playing a joke on Her

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