Is using PayPal safe? And do you need to use a credit card as the payment method? I'm not very comfy with online payments...

imaginair .es seems to be offline rn, frustrating.

...hhheyyy, what are YOU doing here? Aren't you supposed to be in Congress or the White House or something??

Hi there! I'm feeling so lonely and glum...but otherwise not that bad. Very sleepy, though. Weary. Emotionally drained.

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Good morning, starshine. The earth says "yo"

Tharsis is crumbling and it's a smear campaign that's responsible.

I'm anxious about one situation, and reassured about another.

What a life, what a world.

I feel kind of useless today.

But maybe I can turn it around!

I'd better get to sleep, another long day of exams tomorrow!

I want to hold a cat again. A dog would also be fine, a big clumsy one like me.

At my account, hugs are always available to all of goodwill.

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