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Updated the git-clonex script a bit. This small little Perl script is for cloning repositories to a known location for external repos with a preset name pattern, e.g.



Features added are:

  • -y can yank the path the repo is cloned into into the X selection

  • -t clones under /tmp/ instead

  • -d for dry run

  • print out clone path at the end

  • set environment variable GIT_CLONEX_DIR to select a dir other than ~/co/External

To install, put this script under a directory that's in the $PATH, e.g. ~/bin, and make sure it's executable. Then,

git clonex

Should work with all forges that have this domain.tld/user/repo pattern.

Ah fuck. It was systemd. Just as always, shitting on everyting, killing all joy in custom desktops, it was systemd...

So apparently my session was freezing because systemd decided it was it's job to launch dbus even when I already launched it with dbus-launch. This was of course communicated via helpful log messages like:

systemd-logind: got pause for 13:81

All those hours and data lost because... fuck this shit you know what fuck the entire Linux and FOSS ecosystem. These people aren't software developers. This is a major breaking change, and they don't even have a proper versioning scheme.

Switch to OpenBSD intensifies...

Spent the morning looking at LaTeX layout and I have learned a few things:

1) There's a reason everyone uses the same templates like book or memoir: they do an awful lot of the heavy lifting for you.

2) There's more than one way to do things, and many of them have subtle knock-on effects that you won't notice until it's too late.

3) Boy howdy this thing is powerfully addicting. Even something as simple as \lipsum[1-5] in memoir with a little bit of formatting just looks so damn good.

When did it went from "AIs trying to recognize real-world images submitted by humans" to "real-world humans trying to recognize AI-generated images"?

Landlord are sure sort of ghosts :

✔️Haunts the persons who live here
✔️Innocent people have to pay
✔️Bring bad news
✔️Stay invisible when bad thing happens
✔️Should be dead but refuses to die

Kittens spotted in the garden! They are not coming to us tho :(

things that are distracting:
- headache
- dirty glasses
- people having loud conversations outside
- needing to pee every 15 minutes
- cute cat

Groups like the Encampment Support Network ( have sprung up to support encampments and meet people's needs, as the city is not providing water, sanitation, etc. They also organize actions like this.

This is just the latest in a long series of increasingly (para)militarized and violent encampment clearings. One at Trinity-Bellwoods was widely reported on:

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Hey folks, you happen to know if is there such a concept as "media self-blindness", in that the specifics of a medium cannot be expressed in the medium itself, but only in another one?

For instance, a CRT screen's resolution is too low to show how colors are composed on a crt screen. But on photographic slides or on 4k video it could be visible.

Now the specifics of how images are rendered on a 4k screen can also not be shown on a 4k screen...

@cadadr I first tried to tweak with raw bibtex styles 15 years ago, and believe me, it was far more terrible than any xml can ever be

so last year i thought that surely things have got better in 15 years and this handy zotero tool to edit bibtex styles will do the job

oh how wrong i was


NASCAR is when you use a car to store and share data in a local network

I'm unapologetically sorry for all of my toots

Hi everyone, it's my birthday today!! & I've discovered a twitter pal who has a fundraiser for top surgery. If you could send over a few £ as a birthday present to me to help them on their way I'd love that so much 💜💜💜

“Why do we have a space program when X is going on?”
Listen, the NASA budget is not a problem, DoD paid Lockheed Martin over $400 BILLION for the F-35, a fighter jet so bad they have to rig the field tests in its favor. That program started in 2001, so roughly $25 billion per year of existence. NASAs budget for 2020 was $22 Billion, and its average budget per year over its 63 years of existence was $19 billion. The ENTIRE APOLLO PROJECT cost, adjusted for inflation, $156 billion. Yeah, going to the moon cost us less than a shitty airplane. Amazon could buy multiple Apollo projects per year.

We have military contractors committing literal theft of our tax dollars, and you’re worried about NASA? What’s your next worry, the less than half a billion that goes to public television?

Ars Technica on the recent events re MuseGroup:

I don't know if my email to them played a role in this but in any case they at least didn't write something that amounts to "privacy lunatics mad at clouds" like the last time.

Has anyone a good custom configuration of #emacs + evil-mode + smartparens/paredit to share?


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