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I can't listen to all of this one without gasping for air or biting my fist hard this is linguistics gore, effin carnage, this is like the flat earth of linguistics 😱

  • gendered pronouns were invented by the Spanish Inquisition in the 16th century
  • Queen Isabella loved Muslims, Jews, and asked Colombus to not enslave or massacre native peoples pls
  • "archaic" greek didn't have a letter for r or o (no rho nor omega nor omicron...), those were invented by "the latin alphabet" [sic] in the 16th century
  • neuter gender is apparently
  • "tyrannus, from ancient greek"
  • "in parts of spain that used to be castille, they don't have gendered pronouns"

someone please tell me she's an alt-righter making a parody or something

btw if you want to torment yourself but without JS, you can feed the above url to mpv. which also provides you with a progress bar which helps with getting through

I'm glad we handled this standardisation thing well. I have a ridiculous amount of USB cables, but none are the right type.

Hey, read this thread, it won't hurt, it's really nice:

cw: linguistocidal content

german society is having a discussion if it is okay to use language in a way that people other than men feel represented.
in 2021.
<sarcasm>thank you germany, always so progressive </sarcasm>

Sites which are a solid block of JavaScript are not really websites.

That's it. That's the take.

"Mailvelope is a browser extension for Google Chrome and Firefox that allows secure email communication based on the OpenPGP standard. It can be configured to work with arbitrary Webmail provider."

It's definitely better than nothing!

My basic fountain pen gang is complete now, with the arrival of the last bottle of ink, the KWC Turquoise, which I really love so far. Details in the image description

The Jinhao X750 is a bit wetter and broader than I fancy but I can deal with it. I feel like I may end up replacing the nib with an F or an EF tho, if I can find a replacement. I write small, and as you can see in the pic, with an M or broader nib, some parts are hard to read.

> The Verge, which is owned by Vox Media, transitioned to offering its content on Google Docs before internet users swarmed the doc and started editing (editors accidentally left the page unrestricted).



This is just unreservedly good news. The article says these will go out through the Covax program.

US agrees to buy 500m Pfizer vaccine doses to distribute to 100 countries

It's so depressing to know that thorium nuclear reactors exist, and are so much safer than other fission reactors, but will never be pursued because they're more "expensive". They're not more expensive, you just can't offset your costs by producing nuclear weapons from the byproducts (without additional effort). I'm glad solar is finally kicking coal's ass, but I am worried it might be too late.
#solarpunk #alternative #energy

"Can Exposure to Celebrities Reduce Prejudice? The Effect of Mohamed Salah on Islamophobic Behaviors and Attitudes", Alrababa'h et al.

Can exposure to celebrities from stigmatized groups reduce prejudice? To address this question, we study the case of Mohamed Salah, a visibly Muslim, elite soccer player. Using data on hate crime reports throughout England and 15 million tweets from British soccer fans, we find that after Salah joined Liverpool F.C., hate crimes in the Liverpool area dropped by 16% compared with a synthetic control, and Liverpool F.C. fans halved their rates of posting anti-Muslim tweets relative to fans of other top-flight clubs. An original survey experiment suggests that the salience of Salah’s Muslim identity enabled positive feelings toward Salah to generalize to Muslims more broadly. Our findings provide support for the parasocial contact hypothesis—indicating that positive exposure to out-group celebrities can spark real-world behavioral changes in prejudice.

@ljwrites I’m glad! You know, I’m starting to think these external drive manufacturers are cutting costs by pairing low quality cables with their products. I wonder how many people must be discarding their drive thinking it’s faulty, and purchasing a new one, not thinking of trying a new cable? Convenient for the corporations, isn’t it? They can just say, “oh well, end user’s fault for not checking the cable.” Cha-ching! 🤑💰

Development of verb-verb complexes in Indo-Aryan

"This chapter discusses the historical development and properties of verb-verb compounds in Indo-Aryan, with reference to verb-verb compounds in Dravidian. The history of modern Indo-Aryan verb-verb compounds is explored, including an examination of the precursors of such constructions in early Indo-Aryan, as well as the apparent earliest examples in late Middle and early modern Indo-Aryan. A number of morphosyntactic and lexical differences between verb-verb structures in different modern Indo-Aryan languages are examined, focusing particularly on differences between Hindi and Nepali. The larger picture of South Asian verb-verb compounds is examined through comparison of lexical inventories of Indo-Aryan and Dravidian languages, with some evidence pointing to independent developments within South Asia, with some later partial convergence."

[see LibGen for full text]

I love linux mint but wow, the coding is sloppy

Really? A subprocess call in what's effectively main(), without even the full path, with user's account's privileges?

Also, no rescan button? Why not? I wish I had the time to send a couple PRs...

youtube-dl -t # You can use youtube-dl from to download videos from Youtube and other video sites. No copyright infringement intended. 🤣

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