@ljwrites @bright_helpings @cadadr @dark_soil i don't know what's going on, but i agree with whatever LJ says

@glitter @ljwrites @bright_helpings @dark_soil we are conspiring to build a meme task force titled Give Yeeted R.L Emojis A Second Chance on L.R

Moss' sexual behaviour, description 

@Mayana Imagine a patch of soft moss. This patch exists of thousands of individaul moss shoots, some of them male, some female. The female have egges that can be fertilized, and the males have sperms that need to reach those eggs. Usually what happens is when the moss patch is wet from rain or dew, the sperm can swim sort of at random through the drops of water, hoping to reach an egg they van fertilize.

Moss' sexual behaviour 

"Mosses do exhibit the entire range of reproductie bahaviors from uninhibited sexual frenzy to puritanical abstention."
Not what I expected to read about moss...

@ljwrites @bright_helpings @dark_soil better yet, I should register love.rage and start an instance there just to resuscitate ded r.l emoji

Coming soon: 2021-08-05 at 4:00 PM UTC:

@wim_v12e presents:

Automatic parallelisation of legacy scientific code using source-to-source compilation

Sign up here! docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAI


(Graphics by @csepp)

@ljwrites @bright_helpings @dark_soil I'm not even on r.l but these make me sad. rest in peace, the duck facepalm emoji, loved you at first sight, lost you at that moment 😢

vaccine, slight discomfort 

my left arm where they inoculated (again) hurts when moved and I've like the slightest bit of muscle fatigue. Nothing to complain about tho.

Plus it made me sleep, like just made me drop dead like a cartoon villain hit with a pan. 💤

proper introduction 

I do things with words. And the things that lie behind words.

I'm a #Linguistics professor, working mainly on Formal #Semantics and its interfaces. Much of my research also involves Historical Linguistics (/#Philology) to a certain extent. My central tool for analysis is a predicate logic-style system augmented with a typed #LambdaCalculus.

I frequently research languages of #SouthAsia (e.g. #Hindi, #Nepali, #Sinhala, #Sanskrit) & the #WestIndies (#Patois, #RastaTalk & the role of #African languages in the #Caribbean), as well as a bit of #OldEnglish (heorot.dk ).

I have a certain wary enthusiasm about particular types of technology. #LaTeX and fine #Typography more generally. #Lisp things, including #CommonLisp, and #Scheme (#Guile, #Racket), and #Emacs, as a sort of incarnation of a minor Lisp Machine. I'm #Haskell-curious, but don't care much for significant whitespace languages. (Software I've written mainly resides (for the moment) at: gitlab.com/emacsomancer/ )

Within linguistics, I work on a fairly wide range of things, from the use of delimited continuations in natural language semantics to the morphology of #Rastafari language to #Cyberpunk neologisms to #IndoEuropean myth-preserving formulaic language (slaying of dragons and worms) to algorithmic detection of different focus types and constituents in unannotated plaintext. (you can see more about these things here: lambda-y.net )

Recently, I've been exploring the use of devices borrowed from computer science (e.g. delimited continuations, monads) for working out computational issues in natural language semantic formalism.

Interested in social equity and its intersection with my other endeavours. Strongly #AntiCapitalist and #AntiWhig.


Does anyone have recommendations for a proper Blender “course”? I’m thinking the kind of thing you’d take in an art school, with assignments and critique. I feel like I need some guidance to properly nail down the fundamentals of 3D, as I don’t feel like I’m getting that from my current course.

To clarify: I want to improve the skillset I’d be exercising within Blender, not just my knowledge of how to use Blender.

what do you call it when your boss never seems to miss a single move you make? 


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I've searched a lot for something that meets this use case and haven't found a suitable solution. I'm looking for a (quasi-)drop-in replacement for Google Keep with collaborative editing and cloud sync (I have NextCloud running on my server but can make something else work if needed). I don't want to fuss with Markdown, I just want to be able to create todo checkbox lists, inter alia. FOSS preferred. I've looked into Standard Notes, Turtl, & some others. Carnet's the closest right now.

Have you seen ScarJo's new superhero costume? 

It's a law suit

re: software 

@AgathaSorceress @Dee Yeah, bloat in the sense that we're wasting a ton of energy and quality just to let developers have it easier with no benefit to the users is relevant imo. My personal algorithm is:

  • see the word "purity"
  • run, disappear, hit the road

because that mindset wil likely overlap other "purities". I was surprised when I, fairly recently admittedly, found out that suckless people were nazi fash, but I shouldn't have been. (I never interacted with their developers or forums etc. tho, that's probably why.)

There is a really bad privacy bug in the new “official” #mastodon #ios app. If you reply to a dm it defaults to totally public. This is honestly a really awful bug that has already resulted in mistakingly posting publicly something I meant to be private.

This week on @fossandcrafts @cwebber and I talk about the impact of bikeshedding on FOSS communities. We went through the initial email, covered the general topic, then found a last minute twist after the show was edited that was too good to miss!



i feel like the idea of some kind of ""ideological purity (no fash vibes at all btw yeah mhm)"" just makes things worse a lot of the times

like, all these suckless guys being like "foss!! unix philosophy!! everything else is impure and must be destroyed!!!"

but like

most of that kind of software is basically unusable unless you're some ablebodied white guy with a fuckton of free time

so uhh
who cares about the """ideological purity""" just do whatever works best

going to pitch my new film idea to hollywood which is lord of the rings but they have bitcoin

This sucks, and I hate to ask, but I can't pay some upcoming bills and I could use some help so that I can continue to drive my car, use my electricity, and so on.

If you have a spare buck or two, I'd really appreciate your help. Thank you.


Meta, PSA / Reminder 

Mastodon neither started nor standardised the Fediverse, it is merely the most well-known server. The Fediverse was developing before Mastodon, and if Mastodon starts to decay the Fediverse will comfortably outlive it.

And so will all your crazy nichey subcultures.

Don't worry.

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