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@Stoori Nah, every time he tries to go the extra mile, he fails. You probably heard about Hagia Sophia becoming a mosque. A lot of people resent that, I've heard like >70%. The imam they put there attempted to play sheik-ul-islam and he got his butt kicked off of there. Current lockdown measures includes an alcohol sales ban because "social distancing", but it's not working and they're failing at justifying it.

Erdo's lost a lot of popular support and supplemented that loss with braindead nationalists and cunning and rich religious sects popular among the rich. But even that's eroded, and basically since 2015 he's been holding onto power through a stranglehold of bureaucracy and bootlicking rich.

He wouldn't dare pull that one off because that could set all sort of shit on fire.


"pirated media" means that it's not suitable for beings under π years of age.

I’m currently looking for work. If anyone has any programming contracts available, please let me know.

At this point in time, if anyone can help me by supporting me on Patreon I’d greatly appreciate it while I persue a stable income.

This isn't new but Nadia Eghbal gave a super talk at the LongNow Foundation about her book Working in Public: The Making and Maintenance of Open Source Software.

She argues that open source software is not simply a public good but also operates as a commons. This might sound obvious, but it was interesting to hear how she arrives there and her point that Steward might be a better name than Maintainer.

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@Stoori Oh no. Oooooh no. Don't give him ideas 😜

@schaueho LaTeX is still the de facto at least in maths and CS it seems, and I do use it a lot, but indeed it's a source format. It's the output that's problematic. Nicely done LaTeX documents always result in tiny and pleasant PDFs. But you inevitably have to mix those documents in with many more, terrible PDF documents.

The format I imagine should not require that extra step. It's more like a combination of Markdown, SVG and MathML that could be annotated / highlighted. Don't know if something that sophisticated could work out of plain text only, but PDFs being basically freeform on canvas is a problem...

Palestinians criticise social media censorship over Sheikh Jarrah


"Palestinians have also highlighted in addition to cracking down on freedom of expression, the acquiescence of these social media companies to Israeli government requests of revealing users’ data have led to the arrests of hundreds of Palestinians in the past several years, mainly for their posts on Facebook. In contrast, Israelis do not face the same treatment."

One of the Biden admin's most important pieces of legislation is the Protecting the Right to Organize Act (PRO Act), which reverses decades of union-busting policies and laws that have led to widening inequality, wage stagnation, and working poverty across America.


Could we ever standardise how text of science is typeset/marked-up and distributed?

Some sort of widely accepted markup for science that can result in a semantically useful and cohesive and both human and machine readable documents?

We do kinda have the framework: Org mode, Rmarkdown, Pandoc Markdown etc. have syntax for almost everything found in a paper:

  • sections, chapters, lists
  • tables
  • code blocks
  • citations
  • footnotes
  • links
  • images, captions

and are usable in both plain text, WYSIWYG, and hybrid fashion. We can build a lot of cool stuff on top of this, like Org and Rmarkdown demonstrate.

Why do we still have to deal with messed up page numbers, text set in columns 🤮, inaccessibility, absence of a ToC, citations that don't link to relevant references, and ditto for footnotes/endnotes, flaky annotations, terrible copy-paste, unnecessarily huge document sizes, broken full text search, incompatible readers, impossible-to-implement readers, and probably other shortcomings of PDFs and similar?

Live coverage of #DigitalHumanities webinar 

D. Kiss: incunabula imitated MSS; had poor philological quality, bulky and ugly pagesetting. Early printing houses only sought profit
#OxfordSeminar #DigitalHumanities #DigiClass

"This is the point where I would like to just say how lucky I was to grow up in Finland. With an education system that is completely free, and one of the best in the world, I simply came from a background where it was entirely sensible to treat Linux as a hobby...

I very much realize that a lot of people in the US don't really understand the kind of freedom that gives you in life. You really can choose to just do what you love to do, because you can afford to.

I created a proof of concept of a booklist in OPML, both human and machine readable, that can point to other people's lists as well for discovery.


@Stoori And I'll blame you for that 😂

Seriously tho, besides this being very interesting in and of itself, I'm also interested in an integrated, usage based sort of linguistics, from grammar to semiosis to discourse, so I should know something about this stuff.

That's secondary to pure curiosity tho, I must admit :blobcat:

'A massive middle finger': Open-source audio fans up in arms after Audacity opts to add telemetry capture - the *audacity* of such a move...

fediblock, brigading 

also blocking the following pleromas which brigaded the report above and seem to be edgyhavens full of ableism, homomisia, and toxic behaviour in general:


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fediblock, toxic MLs 

#fediblock’ing in our instances.

admin and main user self-describes as "post-left egoist (fichte/stirner) and unsavory pleroma nazi (according to woke masto shitlibs)", takes pride in doing (self-described) "edgy shitposts" like mockingly calling random things racist or cancelled, post fatphobic memes and so on and so forth. you know the type.

I'm bored, so let's do an experiment.

Here are two poll options: Are we able to distribute our votes so that, by the end of the polling time, only TWO people will have picked the first one, and all the others will have picked the second one? :boost_ok:

when you're in London for several days and it gets boring

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