Lamy Safari and KWZ Grapefruit colour ink arrived. The pen is nice as expected (tho I don't like the plastic body, it's way too light unposted), but the ink is excellent.

One thing that really annoys me is that these pens come with plastic cartridges as opposed to converters. Especially when e.g. Scrikss sent these three tiny cartridges that could've easily been one large one like in the Lamy. It's not all that bad, as plastic cartridges are easily reusable (you just need a syringe), but it's a waste of plastic and ink nevertheless.

One thing is, this Lamy starts really good after getting washed and inked, as if I was using the pen for a few days already with the new ink. Kaweco is not like that, it retains a lot of water, dilutes the ink for long, and also the pen's body can get easily stained from the ink itself, which, like, really?

There was one more thing I wanted to say but I forgot :blobcatgooglyshrug:

Woke up to this great little surprise, one of Selami the wax begonia's flowers is wide open!

Can you ID this cutie? My mom, in her usual fashion, has bought these without asking what kind they are or how to look after them... Gotta find their name to find out how to do that.

:boost_ok:​ pls

Here is my work of art.

# Prompt
# ======
# 0(?/A/B): if the exit code of last command is 0, A, else, B
# B/b: boldface start/stop
# S/s: standout start/stop
# F/f: foreground colour start/stop
# K/k: background colour start/stop
# ?: exit code of last shell command
# !: current history event number
# D: date
# *: time with seconds
# n: username
# M: host FQDN
# ~: current working directory with tilde substitution
# j: number of jobs
# #: `#' for root, `%' otherwise
export prompt="%0(?//%K{red}%F{black}<%?>%f%k)%B[%!; %D %*] %b%S%n@%M:%~%s%B [%j/%L]%#>%b "
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I spoke too much about software lately, so (dilute-timeline-with (car (cl-remove-if-not #'bad-joke-p "~/Pictures/RedditShit")))

I did a procrastination, and it might be useful to you. It's called doifetch.el:

It's a tiny little Emacs module which exports a command called "fetch-doi", which prompts for a DOI, and if it can fetch it successfully, displays a buffer where you can edit the DOI. The buffer has buttons that can copy the DOI as it appears, or import it into Ebib. A screenshot of the widget buffer is attached.

Mastodon is spooky silent on sundays so here's something from my silly pics grabbed off of reddit folder for you.

My brother got himself a drawing tablet, but he's exams so I snuck in and stole it for a bit. I suck at it but this is so much fun. You gotta spend a few days with it to get your line perfectly accurate tho, I guess.

It's been ages since I drew anything on any medium, and I was too lazy to complete the shading.. I should be reading my papers anyway.


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