So, I decide to reach you before lawyers and publishers start working
and physically found you. I recommend you to delete public repo and npm
package. May be formatting your disk will be nice for you too.

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@cadadr The whole company is rotten evidently.

@cadadr It is really incredible how they are so self-assured that they keep digging themselves deeper into a public relations hole every time they do anything.

@be I suppose if tenacity makes it to distro packages, they are done for. That'd be the end of their investment there, as I doubt Audacity would manage to get any FOSS contributions.

Hopefully someone will be able to come with a nice MuseScore fork that makes it into OS packages too. Also went to the .com first time today, it's horrible mess.


@be I feel like they have this situation where records companies are tollerating the website's existence in exchange for a very bad deal for Muse folks, which is maybe why they are so aggressive. They look like they are at the whim of someone, and if a DMCA fiasco happens, those companies would just turn their backs on them.

Don't know how realistic tho, I don't understand business at all.

@cadadr @be
I <3 Musescore. I hope the FOSS version has a way to upload community sheet music into the program.

The online Musescore sheets were the only place I've found Tool's music for free online. Great score-maker

@abbaxi @be That's maybe the worst aspect of it all, software we love and use is tainted by these selfish people.

I don't use MuseScore but some other FOSS software I relied on has problems of this sort around it and it's really really annoying.

@cadadr I'm hoping to see a clear fork emerge, not so much for Linux/BSD, but for Windows/Mac. On Linux/BSDs, packagers and/or users should be able to figure something out one way or other. But I want to be able to tell people generally, "oh, yeah, just go and download [name of forked version of Audacity]".


@cadadr Wooooow….

“His actions are total copyright infringement. So I suppose none of us should worry about his feelings.”

His “feelings”. You threatened him with deportation and state sanctioned, life endangering actions.

What a bunch of scum.

@freedcreative Oh shit I totally skipped over that sentence, thanks for pointing that out! Eww 🤮

@cadadr It’s a whole thing with assholes conflating people’s personal safety with their “feelings”, isn’t it.

@freedcreative @cadadr "Oh you wanted a safe place away from a terrifying dictatorship? Cuck."

@ljwrites @freedcreative Now imagine the dev was not an just immigrant but say queer in an anti-queer place, or a political activist in a country where they disappear such people.

Meaning to say, this whole thing is way nastier than how some people around the internet are trying to make it look to be, and it annoys me to no end.

@cadadr @freedcreative wowww this company has defenders? Shouldn't be surprised I guess.

@ljwrites @freedcreative Lots of em in this thread a couple in particular in my thread's replies. They pop up elsewhere too. Ars Technica wrote an article defending them a couple weeks ago, despite the original issue 5 on Xmader's repo being public since mid 2020, and including a death threat.

@ljwrites @freedcreative Polluted, it's very polluted... So much so that the nice parts are slowly becoming the impurities...

@ljwrites @cadadr If I’m an asshole, NOW what am I going to do. Do I choose Audacity & Muse Score to support hurting people from China, or Sneedacity & 4chan to support hurting disabled people??

So conflicted!!

@cadadr it doesn't look like any user should feel safe about MuseGroup having their information, given that this is a company that finds it acceptable to doxx and deport individuals who displease them 🤔

@emacsomancer @ljwrites

Ray characterized the difficulty with a DMCA takedown as a matter of volume rather than rights.

"I initiated the process with GitHub, but they will not take any action to remove the repository unless we file an actual legal complaint in a court of law," said Ray. "The reason for this is the volume of works involved."

Explains it all.

@emacsomancer @cadadr Finally, some media coverage with a modicum of sense. Tang is shrewd in judging there's more safety in notoriety than obscurity, but he shouldn't have been driven to make that choice in the first place.

@cadadr Wow fuuuuuuuck these people.

Nice research work.

@cadadr the style is extremely similar to the message Xmader got--looks like it's the same person.

@ljwrites Yeah. The first message they got from was by "Max", who is some M. Chistyakov, who also sent the mail to this project apparently.

The more recent messages were instead send by some Daniel Ray

They are all publically and expressly threatening people without detaching from their full ID and employment status, which is why I am not anonymising them.

@cadadr it's telling that they're perfectly fine with threatening people with deportation to China under their own names and professional identities.

@cadadr Thanks for sharing.

This is what killed aaronsw, effectively.

@wohali And what has Elbakyan condemned to a life of hiding...

(you're welcome :blobcatblush2:​)

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