Report this workedintheory cunt to github, fork and/or star the repository. If you're a tech journalist, cover this.

It's at no cost to you, but might help save a random FOSS developer that is an immigrant from a fash capitalist that threatens them with political violence, deportation to an authoritarian country, and similar bs because the law is not helping them enfore their grip on content they are stealing from the public.

Stop using MuseScore, stop using Audacity, and avoid the pile of shit that is UltimateGuitar.

All of these software is owned by MuseGroup that is also the company that is doing the threatening through this fash who is their "Head of Strategy".


He is not only trying to threaten the repo's author, he is trying to suppress press around it as well:

Please contact

I can make time to discuss with you personally, even face-to-face in Seattle.

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@cadadr He's awful, but let's not invoke misogynistic slurs to insult him.

@cadadr It really shouldn't be a surprise after their push for telemetry in OS software.

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