@cadadr "Allow me, who privately owns a great deal of capital and has built a personal brand on the labor of my employees, to define socialism."

@frustratedantiquarian @cadadr visualize here the old soviet banner with silhouettes of marx, engels, lenin, stalin and musk

@thatguyoverthere Wiki says

The technocracy movement proposed replacing politicians and businesspeople with scientists and engineers who had the technical expertise to manage the economy.

Ah, scientists and engineers, the bunch who's well known worldwide for never being bigoted fascist 😒

@cadadr yeah modern day they'd be hip to put all the responsibility of governance and policy making on AI. I am curious how much of the worlds decisions are already being made this way with humans just signing off on whatever garbage the machine spits out.

@thatguyoverthere given Charlie Stross's argument for corporations as slow AI, I'd say "most of them" @cadadr

@cadadr wow they turned off reply counts so you can't see The Ratio anymore lol

@cadadr wouldn't the greatest good for all be for Elon to redistribute his wealth?

@jens @cadadr I think what Elon is saying is that the kind of socialist he is means that the greatest good for all would be for Elon to redistribute your wealth.

@cadadr ah, yes, my favourite form of socialism: words don't mean anything any more

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